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Hoskerrr aOwnero posted Feb 8, 19

The server is now offically open!

Official Trailer

Hoskerrr aOwnero posted Jan 27, 19

Enter the Saga of Agaetis

Hoskerrr aOwnero posted Jan 17, 19

Welcome to the Saga of Agaetis

Kingdoms <-

Races <- 

Religions <-

Extended Lore <-

Mechanics <-

Naming Schemes <-

And as always don't forget to the read the rules before applying!


Many Have Come This Way Before...

Agaetis is a vast world with many different cultures and races that can be explored in the respective Kingdoms and Races threads. We have a total of 14 cultures and nations and 5 races at our beginning so there really is something for everyone.

Here's our world map with cultures outlined!

Current Year: 219 AF(After Fracture)

Our story begins with your player having been stranded on a tropical island; how is up to you! But now you are forced to survive and uncover the mysteries of the island...

Now you have read the lore you are ready to apply! To do so fill out the form that can be found in the menu along the top under the icon apply!

We hope to you in the Saga of Agaetis.


The Saga of Agaetis Staff Team x

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